When a career and a passion come together.

January 6, 2015

It’s a beautiful and unique thing when a career and a passion come together. It’s a rarity to find passion in one’s career, and it’s a rarity to find a career in one’s passion. How lucky could I have been to experience these two concepts together, at the same time?

(For those of you that don’t know what I do outside of racing…read on!) 

The idea of my career and my passion coming together became a very surreal reality. That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it? Anyhow, I was given a very awesome opportunity to provide nursing care to a few poverty-stricken communities in the Cayo district of Belize. As you could imagine, the people of these communities often lack the resources that are so often disposed of in the United States. As a team of medical volunteers, we were able to deliver nursing care to 85 patients between two communities in a five day period. It was a small feat that made a huge impact on all of those involved, including myself.

As many of you know, I’m a nursing student that is slowly but surely reaching the frightening “adult” world. In a short 6 months I will be a real walking, talking, breathing nurse that will actually be responsible for people’s health and wellness. Yikes! With saying that, what better way to increase my excitement and anxiety than to practice nursing care in a community health setting to those that desperately need it?

Back to this whole a career coexisting with a passion thing…
I have been working tirelessly to achieve a spot in the insane medical world. A career. My journey of learning and self-growth. I have been working eagerly to volunteer, pay it forward, give it back; whatever you wish to call it. A passion. The selfless joy I experience in giving back. I’ve volunteered in numerous situations throughout the past few years. Some were local, like coaching tennis at the school district I graduated from. Some were worldwide, like my recent bout of working as a medical volunteer in Belize this past December or even my three week journey to Bolivia. To better clarify my probably confusing description, nursing is my career and paying it forward is my passion. I was given the opportunity to watch, learn and expand on my nursing skills while giving back as a medical volunteer. (My explanation of my ability to experience both at the same time  is clear as mud, right?)

My trip to Belize brought light and meaning to a lot of things for me. My work as a medical volunteer, while in Cayo, solidified my desire to become a nurse. (They weren’t kidding about the high job satisfaction!) I left the clinic everyday feeling exhausted mentally and physically, yet I was overwhelmed with how much I learned and how accomplished I felt. We might not have seen many patients, but we were able to provide quality care to those that we did see. Working in the clinic reminded me of the type of nurse I want to be, the nurse that delivers quality care over quantity care. The memories, experiences and opportunities that this mission trip provided me were greater in value than I could have ever imagined. The awesome, compassionate people that I worked along side of made the experience all the better. I look forward to the day that I’m given the awesome opportunity to donate my time as a medical volunteer, again.

When a career and a passion come together, it’s a beautiful and unique thing.  


A huge thank you to all of those that supported me during this journey!

Plus, this is my “new years” challenge to you…Go pay it forward in your community this year! 



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